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SatNav MID swap wiring help

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Hi all,


New to the forum and need a bit of technical help with my '98 E39 Alpina B10 Touring. 


I have a Dynavin N6 installed but I want to restore the high OBC functions (mainly dash clock) by reconnecting a MID either in the glovebox or the boot but it’s not been straight forward...


At some point my B10 had a mark IV sat nav (badly) retrofitted in place of a MID. I’ve removed most of the units (they got pretty noisy over bumps) but the loom remains in place. I found what looks like the MID 10 pin connector in the dash but when connected it only displays phone functions, it’s just blank when trying the clock or “BC” button. I had a little luck when I connected the old sat Nav display and nav unit back in (to the 2 10 pin connectors behind the dash) as this gave me a clock but the nav wouldn’t turn on so I had no way of changing the time.


I'm assuming that there must be a way of wiring a MID into this harness (I think it only needs about 5 wires) and it piggy-backing the clock functions. Any ideas?? 

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Hi sj84,


Welcome over to BMW5 ! 


I remember the brief discussion over on the 'other channel', I think if you also put this question in the E39 specific section, then some of the really knowledgeable guys with the MID retrofit details will see and be able to respond and advise better than I can. Also, in that section, I think there's a document in the E39 'stickies' that covers the MID retrofit or it's a dedicated thread about it. 


Cheers, Dennis!

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