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Retrofit folding door mirrors

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I've just traded my F10 535d for a 435d Xdrive and want to add electric folding mirrors. As I have autodim mirror and electric memory seats the mirrors and new switch are plug and play but I have to code it.


I've ordered an OBD to RJ45 and have Esys 3.28.1


Apparently all I need to do to make the autofold work is code in the option 430 and VO code FEM Body, which doesn't sound to difficult.


I sort of get this but wonder if anyone could give a more detailed explanation ?





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Ok, pretty much got everything I need. Installed Esys and got everything setup in all the right folders and added the psdzdata files. Esys starts fine and runs. But ... seems I need Launcher pro to do the actual coding ?

Anyone know how to get it, everywhere I look there are no links ,.... found the guys website, but no info on how to buy or dowload it .. just a video ?


Can anyone point me in the right direction plz :O



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All done, used esys to code option 430 in to FA, then bimmercode to activate the mirrors ( as its easier than esys ). Also turned off start stop ... yay :)


Anyone who lives near me and needs any coding stuff, I have esys with token till 2020 and bimmercode. I take no responsibility though :D

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