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Problems with ISTA+ install

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I'm trying to install INSTA+ to my windows 10 (64bit) laptop so that I can code new parts to my F10 5 series. So far I have not succeeded to do either.

I have downloaded the ISTA software from Bimmergeeks (Rheingold) and followed the installation instructions to the letter. But still no joy,  the programme just won't launch correctly no matter how many times I double click the exe file shortcut....

I have followed the install instruction 3 times now and every time the same result, time and patience has now run out.

This is what I'm doing and in this order, can anyone help me out?



Part 1 (Pre-install)

1. Make sure you have a functioning Standard Tools install.
You can obtain this from our site with instructions inside.

2. Install all items in the "Pre-Install" Folder

3. Move "Rheingold" folder to c:\program files (x86)

4. Create shortcut for IstaGUI. It is located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Rheingold\TesterGUI\bin\Release

5. Move that shortcut to the "Bmw Tools" folder from your Standard Tools" install from step 1 and rename IstaGUI to "Ista"

6. Launch Ista and complete setup. When prompted for license, copy and paste the entire contents of the IstaLicense.txt file from this download.

***If you have issues launching ista and recieve a "failed to start" error, launch as administrator.


Part 2

1. Run St212.exe using all default settings except the 4 checkbox options in the "select additional task" window regarding "backup and restore" and "create desktop/quick launch icons" . 
(If using Windows 10, run in st212.exe in "Compatibility Mode" for Windows 7)

2. After install completes, select "No" to restarting PC.

3. Navigate to your C:\ drive and delete the folders labeled "EC-APPS, EDIABAS & NCSEXPER"

4. Replace those folders with the "EC-APPS, EDIABAS & NCSEXPER" from this download by copying them to the C:\ drive.

5. Copy the 3 files inside the OCX folder and paste them in the C:\Windows\Syswow64 folder. If you do not have this folder you are a 32-bit system meaning you need to paste them in C:\Windows\system32 instead.

6. Open Command Prompt as administrator & enter the following commands. Please note if your 32bit system, start on the 2nd line: If you have issues getting the commands to succeed, make sure your running command prompt as administrator.

cd c:\windows\syswow64
(Press Enter)
regsvr32 mscomctl.ocx
(Press Enter & wait for "Registration Succeeded" message)
regsvr32 msflxgrd.ocx
(Press Enter & wait for "Registration Succeeded" message)
regsvr32 comdlg32.ocx
(Press Enter & wait for "Registration Succeeded" message)

7. Place the "BMW Tools" folder(BMW icon) on your desktop. Shortcuts to all the software are inside.

8. Make sure your cable is set to COM-1 with a Latency Timer as 1 in device manager.

9. Reboot Computer.

10. Installation is complete.




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ISTA is for diagnostics (and programming if you use it with ICOM interface) not coding. For coding you need ESYS and ESYS Launcher Pro. 


You should be using an ENET cable for ISTA and ESYS wich is plug and play and from your post and the comment re a COM port configuration, you are using the wrong cable?


Those instructions don’t sound right either and I’d be concerned about the need to run anything to do with ISTA in compatibility mode and you don’t need the BMW tools folder install nor the EDIABAS  or NCSEXPERT installations. Also, no idea why you need to install st212.exe - that is nothing to do with ISTA for the Fxx chassis cars. 

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