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E39 Sat Nav Help???

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Car - 2002 E39 touring


Since owning the car i’ve never used the sat nav, I’m not sure if it works or not but decided to do my best to get it working.


I have two map discs, when either of them are in the reader the screen just displays as “no disc inserted”.

Is this likely to be a reader issue? Dodgey discs? Are my discs even right? How do i update it? Do I need to carry out some sort of procedure? Can someone point me on the right direction for some up to date map discs?





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Hi, make sure the face of the discs is spotless and I mean really clean. If they have even the slightest mark or scratch on them the dvd drive wont read them as they are very sensitive, just like the cd changer. If your sure the discs are clean and have no marks on them, try the battery disconnect / reconnect and it may reset the system ?


Good luck.

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