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E28 OBC retrofit - worth it?

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Hi all. Has anyone who has an OBC in their e28 recommend it? Aside from it being a new toy / upgrade, is it useful? Do you use it much??


Considering retro fitting one. 

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I retrofitted it, its a nice toy!

They are fitted with a model/engine specific coding plug in a similar fashion to your dashboard: They were available from the dealer about ten years ago when I did mine, you might still be lucky!



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I've been thinking about this. What exactly do you get that the standard display doesn't give you.


Air temperature, though some of the standard displays had that. Fuel consumption, okay, within 10%, Code feature. Who in their right mind uses that. If one thing is going to cause you grief its that feature. Its a nice enough thing if you have a boring motorway commute, tapping the stork, cycling through the options assuming its an obc 2 The obc 1 from the earlier cars had some completely un-understandable timing and distance features and  dozens of leds that you cant see because the steering wheels in the way.


So. If you can get one cheap, its nice enough, and fills in a Sunday fitting it. I guess its okayish.   

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