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hippie dave

Rust to Rome Rally

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Has anyone here done either one of these, or something similar before?

If so, how did you get on? I'd like all the tips, tricks and advice you are willing to share on both car preparation and the rally itself. 

Me and three (hopefully soon to be five....) other mates have signed up to the Austrian Alps route for May 2020. 

We'll be doing it in brush-painted Rover 100's. :blink:

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Is this the car can’t cost more than £500 type things? 

I was all set to do one next year myself, but things change and now I barely have time to fart, let alone do anything good! 


Good luck! 


Oh there’s other “local” type rallies you can do ie; around the lakes or Scotland or Wales or well you get the picture ;) 

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