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Upgrade to NBT professional

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Hello there, 


I'm wondering if anyone has any advice and or wiring diagrams. I'd like to upgrade my Magneti Marelli head unit to an NBT professional system with wider screen and touchpad in my 2014 5 series (F11). 


I've managed to get the professional screen in no bother but have noticed that the wiring doesn't quite match up in the back of the new NBT head unit (see image below).


Can any one tell me what the (from left to right) pink (assume that this is the screen cable), beige, green, yellow, white and orange female sockets are? 


I have a blue, dark green, beige and white cable remaining from the old magneto system but these don't fit which is probably a good thing as I'd be guessing what these cables connect to.


I'm assuming that I'm going to need some new cables and will have to chase them through the back of my dashboard. 


I'd be keen to know if anyone has any guides or diagrams that can help me.


Cheers, Sam



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