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Latest 2020-1 West update

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Hi all, 


2016 BMW 535d GT 


Just downloaded and installed the latest map update 2020-1 West from BMW


My question is that where I live there has been a massive new housing estate built 2 years ago now but it is not on the new map update! Just wondering why this is as all the new roads are mentioned on Google maps and my wife's sat nav.!

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You'll need to speak to your BMW dealer and have them confirm the update was applied successfully to your car and if so, ask them to find out up to what date the data for the maps was included. BMW buy data from either one of a couple of Map providers and it depends on when they (or if they) have included the roads you see in real life which aren't showing on your car's Navigation system. 


Cheers, Dennis!

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Thanks for the reply Dennis much appreciated. 


Yes all I can tell you that the download was successful as there was a message on the cars screen deplicting that and to press OK then the satnav restarted. But I will mention it when the car is serviced next month as interested in this. 





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