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How annoying!

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So recently got round to sorting out the hi-fi in my office (thread on speakers an age ago)


Bought some Wharfdales, decent cable, speaker pads and plugs.


Been on the hunt for a Sony DAB radio and finally found one in the black i wanted,


So all the kit together had a shift about in the office and got it all set up but short a set of RCA leads, i had some i thought, maybe i binned them in the cull of extraneous cables....


Bought a new lead all set up and sounding great.


This evening i found the box i'd put all the hi-fi misc spares in including a pair of RAC leads .... :rolleyes:


Is this old age?


On the plus side the new ones are much better quality.



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4 hours ago, Chu346 said:

But if that’s the biggest problem in your life, I think a lot of people would love to be you, lol. 

Not by a long chalk sadly but just one of those eye rolling moments in life. 

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