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Coded light sensitivity menu on CCC

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I coded light sensitivity menu today and can confirm it works on my LCI E60, it responds to differing light conditions as per the sensitivity settings shown.


The only glitch I've found is that sometimes it has the tendency to switch back to a previous setting as you're toggling through the 3 settings on the I-drive but if you change it again it eventually stays put (for example if the current setting was Normal and you toggle it to Slow, it will revert back to Normal).  I think that due to this slight glitch BMW disabled it from factory but I can live with this.


You need to change the following lines on the CAPPL module (CCC professional) then code the MAN file, not sure if the same on MASK, CIC etc.





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It isn't an option in CIC unfortunately, only ISTA-P has the option to adjust it (And I expect NCS)

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