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Help Advice on E38 728i

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I have an E38 728i, which we've had since it was 6 months old with only 4.400 miles when we bought her. It has been with 19 years and has done about 132k miles. Unfortunately 4 years ago it was rear ended by some kid who had taken his parents car without their permission while they were on holiday and used my car as a brake. I was on holiday when this happened. My car was parked at the side of my house and I got a call from my sister asking me where my spare was. The kid hit the car from behind on the driverside and went all the way down the side of the car. Fortunately his parents were decent people as their insurance company refused to pay as he was not insured and the insurance company treated the car as stolen. But his parents agreed to pay all costs. I asked what would happen to the car and could I buy it back. They said the car would be valued for scrap and the cost deducted from my payment. The car was valued at £150. No brainer, I kept her. Unfortunately we were fixing up the house and I bought another car while this was all going on. Unfortunately the car I bought was a W211 Mercedes E240. Not the best car.

As we were fixing up the house and few issues regarding work, I've not been able to get the car back on the road. My wife and now my kids are saying I should sell it. I just can't. I would love to get her back on the road. Unfortunately I know the longer it gets the harder it will get to recommission the car. I tried contacting some BMW restorers and the only ones that responded were Munich Legends. They quoted £4k. Which I cannot afford.

I'm hoping that someone knows a decent garage who can repair the damage and a decent mechanic who can get her started again. Anything else I can get done slowly. I just want to hear that engine again and drive her. Not somewhere far as she does have the shimmy problem. But drive her enough to make me smile, like she did every time I got behind the wheel. Even when there was a problem with the car I never felt oh no not again, it was always got to get it sorted and she'll keep going.

If anyone is breaking an Oxford Green E38 7 series please let me know. I'm looking for a rear bumper including the fittings, drivers door, rear driverside passenger door and driver side side skirt non colour coded.

Any help/ advice greatly appreciated. I'm located in East London, anyone in London or Essex if you know anyone who can give me some advice or help greatly appreciated.


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I would have thought any decent body shop could sort the body out and with good used panels it shouldn't cost a fortune.


If you can get the panels in the right colour it should be very straight forward assuming nothing underneath is bent.


Try Tims on here as he often has an e38 in stock for parts.


Was it running ok before the accident? If so i would have thought some fresh fuel and battery would get you going, pull the fuel pump fuse and give it a few cranks to allow the oil to flow before trying to start it.


Once running and up to temperature an oil change would be my first port of call.


Assuming it drives take it for an MOT and go from there.


Good luck!

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