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E39 Double Din Install/Stereo Upgrade

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I've recently upgraded the stereo in my E39. I realise this won't be everyones cup of tea but I'm not a million miles away from getting what I was trying to achieve. There is still a bit of trim to fit that will hide all the cabling in the boot and the wrap on the interior trim is lifting so that will either be wrapped again but I'm leaning more towards getting it painted. This has been a bit of a nightmare with lots of little niggly things going wrong so a little break is required.My photo skills aren't the best and if anyone has any questions hopefully I can help anyone if they are looking to do anything similiar 






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Love the look of the fascia matching the brushed aluminium trim. 

I’d be very cautious of lobbing the shopping in the boot with those exposed amps and wiring though. 

Great effort nonetheless! 

NF aka Deepan

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