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Hartge Dave

E34 N/S inner and outer sills

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Euro Car Parts sell the outer sills and are fine with a good thickness of steel and have used them myself. The inner sills are only available from BMW.

 Well the passenger-side is still available, But the drivers is N/A  and were around £130 each. The ECP outer sills are around £50 each.     

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24 minutes ago, Hartge Dave said:

Hi Carl, thanks very much for your help I'll enquire tomorrow, although I'm sure I tried Euros ? Might not ? Thanks again regards Dave


We purchased our last set of sills around 2 months ago So still available from Euro's  We normally go in store and order.


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Having been through this process not so long ago, I would suggest a full appraisal of the car for the extent of corrosion not just in the rear sill area but also the front sills around the jacking point and the surrounding floor pan adjacent. If the rears are bad the fronts won't be too far behind. 


The klokkerholm repair sills available from ECP, whilst nicely made are only really suitable if the extent of the rot is not severe or extensive.  If the rot is well established then the genuine BMW rear sill section makes much more sense. The genuine panel provides more material going up the arch, the internal & external jacking point brackets and the overall fit is much better than the klokkerholm item.


As mentioned one of the inner sills is NLA and it is this panel that would be very difficult to fabricate as it is heavily contoured in shape/profile. The lower forward section of the inner wheel arch also suffers major corrosion. 


It's a big job if it's proper rotten. 


Feel free to pm me for further information should you need it.










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