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2 hours ago, sjj84 said:

I was going to suggest the same thing. Depends on excess obviously and if ncb protected or not. Premium uplift would be the only unknown I suppose. I had a similar value claim against me this year, put my premium up by 20%.


But I doubt the 20% (which will diminish over the future years) will amount to near the £2200 cost of replacement. Also, protected NCB is a fallacy as your premium will still increase after a shunt claim but your NCB will be maintained.

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Well lads, claim is in against the council so we'll see what happens there. I have photos to show the damage and photos of the pothole so fingers crossed. Car is now fixed also with new droplinks, anti roll bar and bushes. It is transformed so think the old ones must have been worn anyway. Not a surprise given the mileage really. Also now feels like much bigger difference in sport and sport + modes. Good be a placebo but car feels like it's on rails! 

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