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Issues connecting the car to the computer via cable

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Hi guys, 

Got my cable through and want to hook up my E60 with the computer. So i have read numerous articles and watched a couple of vids to sort the configuration out. 

I have set the latency to 1 and Com port to 4 along with checking the obd.ini file in C:EDIABAS\Bin folder to make sure that the Port is set to Com4 there as well. (it wasnt but i changed it accordingly)

As you can see from the screen shots, the black dots are showing flickering on the left side of the window and when i try and load something up like the standard functional jobs option i get an error as per screen shot. 

Any advice on what im missing? I have the K+DCAN cable and i understand that it should be set to DCAN but i have tried both for good measure but still no luck.

Cheers in advanced





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On 8/19/2019 at 4:25 PM, know-dice said:

Have you checked EDIABAS.ini should have line - Interface = STD:OBD


I find the EasyConnect Utility quite handy for changing these files.


Just checked and that's already set to OBD. 




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Looking at your pictures in the first post one shows the com port set the 4 and one of the text file shows it set to port 1 these need to both show the same port number



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