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Coilover Spring Rates.

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I am experiencing quite a harsh ride on my new e39 - the previous owner fitted BC coilovers a few years ago. The ride feels quite compliant and soft for coilovers, however when I hit a small bump in the road - or a grid, it feels like someone has taken a sledgehammer to the shock tower - in both noise and feel, not very nice at-all.


I fitted HSD coilovers to my previous e39, which felt much firmer and dealt with the odd bump much better.

The BC coilovers currently have 7/5kg springs, which I think may be my issue - where as the HSDs had 10/8kg springs.


At the moment I'm tempted to replace the whole suspension set-up however I think it would be wise to replace the springs for 10/8kg to try and replicate the feel of the HSDs.


Just wondering if anyone has changed spring rates, or have a similar set up?


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Before BMWs I ran BCs on all sorts of Hondas 


Changed spring rates many times via BC, they’re great to deal with, so worth contacting first. Look into their a swift springs too

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Same on my M5 


Caused by the solid “pillowball” top mounts. Convert them to std top mounts (couple of top hats need machining to make them fit) or if you don’t want to lose camber adjustment, make a poly spacer to fit between top mounts and turret tops.


Shame really as otherwise BC Racing coilovers are a brilliant product.

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