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What oil for diff and manual gearbox

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Ive been looking online and cant actually be sure which oils I need for a 2.5d diff and gearbox. Ive got a rumble in the rear which gets worse on a left hand bend and I really cant identify if its one side or the other or the centre. Id like it to be a wheel bearing really but........

So ill check the diff oil first (no leaks)

Im a bit old fashioned and have a drum of ep80 but I bet that's not suitable for either lol



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If it gets worse on the left hand band, as you noted it should the right wheel bearing. 


On a separate note, if you want to quiet down the diff/gearbox, add Liqui Moly Ceratec (8% of the filling capacity). It worked wonders in my case - very clattery gearbox at idle in my high mileage 525i.


As to the oil BMW says this 83 22 2 365 987


If you pop that into autodoc you get GL5 75W90 oils.



For the gearbox BMW stipulates MTF-LT2, namely 83 22 2 339 219


This translates into GL5 75W80 gear oil




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