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Steve van hool

Nurbürgring in a Smart car?

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If they have been it wouldn't be the weirdest thing I have seen go around there.


Actually the maddest thing I saw there was during an endurance race. There was a recovery Jeep with its lights flashing in the middle of a pack of cars going into Brunchen on the racing line not at a dawdling speed wither. As it gets closer you can see the car it is towing, at pace (well, faster than you would normally tow a car around a corner), hitting the apex while the other race cars move out the way for it or go around the outside. Madness.

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Have limited knowledge of Smart cars engines and spec.  However the 1.0 Brabus is super quick from a standstill and can be thrown into corners, but top speed is limited (by engine power - not because of a limiter).  These are not a motorway car, but under the right conditions fairly fun to drive.  

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