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Clutch pedal dropped to the floor, fluid gone... but where!?

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So recently I noticed the a few instances where the clutch pedal would get 'stuck' fully depressed, but seemed to function fine again if I simply pulled it back - all felt normal again afterwards. I did check the fluid (RHD model, so separate reservoir, iirc the LHD shares the brake fluid one), and the level seemed fine to I never thought much of it.


And it happened again, and a few more time. Then it happened once more just minutes from leaving home, but this time something was very wrong - pedal was gone, flat to the floor, lifting it back did nothing. Couldn't engage any gear (unless the car is turned off.. I did have to start it in 1st gear to get it home again!)


Got home, and sure enough, the reservoir was empty... but I have no idea where the fluid has gone! I didn't check immediately, I left the car few a few weeks before going back to look properly, but I'm not seeing any signs of where it has leaked. I was sort of expecting the slave cylinder to have exploded or something, but all looks fine externally (slave cylinder was replaced years back).


I am inclined to try and bleed it with new fluid see what happens, but not sure if that's wise. Any ideas what the problem might be? Anyone had this before with the clutch just stopping working?

Appreciate any help.



Also, once i get this sorted I'm quite keen to replace the gearbox fluid, see if it makes the shifts any smoother (not that its horrible right now but can always be better) - Anyone know what fluid is best to use? M50B25, and I think its a ZF box (it has the same number on the side as this one). 

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