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E90 bmw 330d egr issues

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Hi guys, 


My 330d is giving me the run around, its coming up to mot time so i need to sort out the engine check light, according to my code reader ive got an issue with the egr valve, 4501 exhaust deviation. 1st thing i did was clean out the egr valve which was nicely coked up, still not solved the code.


Next thing ive checked was vacuum at the nipple end of the vacuum pipe, oddly enough no vacuum there so I checked at the converter end, was lucky to find i didnt need to remove the inlet manifold to get at it, I've found no vacuum there, so i bought a new one and have the same problem of no vacuum. 

I get about 10 volts at the connection so im getting power.


Both valves click when i put 12v from a battery thru them so there not stuck solid. Theres no vacuum but from what ive found it works by pulsing on and off from the power feed


Have i been unlucky and have a duff replacement or is there something else going on


Would a remap remove this issue or will the duff presure converter still throw a code? 

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