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Whining noise when the A/C is on

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24 minutes ago, Bay said:

Is it expected guys? If it’s not normal, what do you think is the problem? Thanks in advance. 


That is such a vague question. The aircon fan will be audible but there shouldn't be a Whine. The aircon fan is located in the engine compartment on the near side just ahead of the windscreen. Lift the bonnet and list in that area to see if it is the blower that is failing. Does the fan speed change the pitch of the whine? Do you have 4 zone climate which includes a fan for the centre rear vents? Is it that fan? So many possibilities. 

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Mine definitely makes more noise with the air con on. Think it might be down to the extra strain on the aux belt as it most noticeable when going from lock to lock on the steering. I'm happy as long as its still working! 

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No there should be no extra noise when the aircon is on.


Does the ventilation system make the same noise when the a/c is off?


If not then it's probably the compressor drive mechanism, its the only thing extra that can make a noise in the system when the a/c is switched on. You should be able to hear this from under the bonnet when the a/c is on.


I've not done this on my F10 but on all my previous BMWs I've felt for the condition of the compressors clutch. With the engine most definitely stopped(!) reach in a turn the hub of the a/c compressor. It should turn smoothly without noise or roughness. If there is a noise or roughness to the turning of the hub then chances are there is something wrong with the drive of the compressor.



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