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80 stored errors and 13 faults present in Carly

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Hi. The idrive was rebooting every minute so i did a scan. Carly has reported lots of errors. What could be wrong? Its a 2014 F30 M sport with 72k. Please help!!


ABS / DSC / Brake
Dynamische Stabilitäts Control / DSC
Fault Code: 480AB8
Fault Explanation: :Internal state management Complete
Fault Code: D35A53
Fault Explanation: :Signal fault (Is steering angle front axle, ID: AVL
STEA FTAX) - Qualifier / Error signal (actual steering angle front, ID:
AVL STEA FTAX) Channel: ICM QL - Qualifier

Heating / AC
Air conditioning / Klimaanlage
Fault Code: 8011C1
Fault Explanation: :FBM button 1: button jammed or longer than
OPERATED x seconds / External FBM and audio control panel:
recognize key Klemmer / FBM Key 1: Key sticks

Immobilizer System
Body Domain Controler
Fault Code: 8041A8
Fault Explanation: :Welcome light-repeat active
Fault Code: 8041BF
Fault Explanation: :Signal from the rain light sensor implausible /
Rain light sensor: implausible signal

Fault Code: B7F85F
Fault Explanation: :KISU Application Error
Fault Code: E1C440
Fault Explanation: :Monitoring circuit reset triggered
Fault Code: B7F8DD
Fault Explanation: :A critical Recovery function has been activated /
System: Critical Recovery function started

Steering /Lenkung
Fault Code: 482394
Fault Explanation: :Sensor - rotor position - steering angle - loss
multiturn value

Rear Electronics Module / Elektronik Modul hinten
ECU OK, no Fault Code ✔
Integrated Chassis Management Quer/Längsdynamik
Fault Code: D014A1
Fault Explanation: :Signal fault (actual position EPS, ID: AVL PO EPS)
- Qualifier

Advanced Crash and Safety Management (ACSM)
Fault Code: 930BB9
Fault Explanation: :Fault memory locked

Central Gateway / zentrales Gateway
Fault Code: CD0420
Fault Explanation: :Error of Flexraykontroller on Flexraybus / FlexRay
controller error
Fault Code: CD0487
Fault Explanation: :Synchronization process failed, CC was not in
sync with the date of repeal of error Memory Lock / FLEXRAY

Fuelpump-Modul (E6/PL2)
ECU OK, no Fault Code ✔
Getriebesteuerung /Transmission
ECU OK, no Fault Code ✔
Anti-Blockier-und Stability Control 5 auto. E34 / 16
ECU OK, no Fault Code ✔
Gear switch / Gangschalter
ECU OK, no Fault Code ✔
Instrument cluster / Kombiinstrument
ECU OK, no Fault Code ✔
Advanced Telematic Module
ECU OK, no Fault Code ✔
Central Control / Zentrale Bedieneinheit
ECU OK, no Fault Code ✔

Info Memory
These faults are saved in the Info-Section. They are no standard vehicle-faults, but
sort of a warning notification. Info memory faults are not as critical as normal
faults in general, but should be attended to as well.
Motor Control
Engine / Motor
Code: INFO 254C00
Explanation: Info - Security Case: accelerator and brake
simultaneously active
Code: INFO 2AD400
Explanation: CC message (ID 450): Auto Start Stop function
Code: INFO 277F00
Explanation: DDE control unit internally (Recovery suppressed):
Recovery occurred
ABS / DSC / Brake
Dynamische Stabilitäts Control / DSC
Code: INFO 4809C0
Explanation: Local power supply - control device reset
Jul 16 2019 - 3 (F30, F31, F34, F35), Build Year 2014 6/12
Heating / AC
Air conditioning / Klimaanlage
Code: INFO 078022
Explanation: message (vehicle condition 0x3A0) is missing
Code: INFO 07802B
Code: INFO 078043
Jul 16 2019 - 3 (F30, F31, F34, F35), Build Year 2014 7/12
Immobilizer System
Body Domain Controler
Code: INFO 03001B
Explanation: FH FA: reversal in Emergency Mode
Code: INFO 804001
Explanation: Reset due Makeup
Code: INFO 804002
Explanation: External reset
Code: INFO 804029
Explanation: SEK battery undervoltage
Code: INFO 8040CB
Explanation: Terminal 15 off via Timeout
Code: INFO 93070C
Explanation: Error could not be sent on the maximum number of

Code: INFO 8BAC73
Explanation: NVM_E_REQ_FAILED
Code: INFO 100C01
Explanation: System Crash
Code: INFO 100C02
Explanation: Reset: Cause ONOFF_EMERGENCY_ERROR
Code: INFO 101777
Explanation: Reset: crashed process or canceled
Code: INFO 930002
Explanation: Transmitter-receiver module (FOT): temperature
exceeds threshold 1
Code: INFO 93000F
Explanation: MOST node: signed out at least one function block
Code: INFO 101500
Explanation: extended drive hardware failure
Code: INFO 101724
Explanation: Did not get Status_Funkschluessel from the CAS control
Code: INFO 101742
Explanation: A recovery function has been activated

Steering /Lenkung
Code: INFO 48244D
Explanation: Sensor - rotor position - steering angle - loss multiturn
value due to interruption KL30

Rear Electronics Module / Elektronik Modul hinten
Code: INFO 8032B5
Explanation: Ultrasonic sensor, rear outer left: Acoustic or
electromagnetic interference
Code: INFO 8032BD
Explanation: rear ultrasonic sensor center left: Acoustic or
electromagnetic interference
Code: INFO 8032C5
Explanation: Ultrasonic sensor, rear center right: Acoustic or
electromagnetic interference
Code: INFO 8049E5
Code: INFO E59418
Explanation: CAN message, vehicle condition (FZZSTD): Invalid
Code: INFO E5943C
Explanation: CAN message, status Funkschluessel
(STAT_FUNKSCHLUESSEL): Invalid signals

Integrated Chassis Management Quer/Längsdynamik
Code: INFO 480115
Explanation: Driving dynamics switch - forced activation DSC
Code: INFO 48279A
Explanation: HSR function - Automatic activation of DSC on HSR
Code: INFO 48276E
Explanation: AUTOSAR - Standard Core - Non-volatile memory -
failed Integitaet
Code: INFO 480133
Explanation: recognized single-axis Rollenpruefstandserkennung,
role - SBS function
Code: INFO 482651
Explanation: Slip angle estimator - inputs not valid SBS
Code: INFO 482656
Explanation: Slip angle estimator - internal degradation due to SBS
Code: INFO 4827B3
Explanation: Controller internal - Under Voltage at terminal 30
Code: INFO 482782
Explanation: Steering angle Aufsetzalgorithmus - Stacked by index
Code: INFO 4827F4
Explanation: Embassy errors (agreement navigation graph ID:
Code: INFO 4827F5
Explanation: Embassy error (navigation system information, ID:
NAV_SYS_INF) - Timeout

Diagnostics Report 3 (F30, F31, F34, F35) (2014)_Jul 16 '19 21_26_04.pdf

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