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Ford Cortina MK IV 2.3 Ghia or a E21 323i as a daily

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On 09/08/2019 at 10:23, pauliexjr said:

Totally off topic, but don't get me started on the narccisitic, self-centred, arrogant twats that make up a large proportion of the UK cycling fraternity! I followed 5 of the lycra-clad pedal merchants down the A82 alongside Loch Lomond on Tuesday, it was chcuking it down with rain yet these clowns were riding two and three abreast and giving the following traffic no opportunity to overtake. They eventually caught up with another three who were waiting at the side of the road who promptly pulled into the stream of traffic causing lots of people to brake and proceeded to weave in and out of the slow moving cars and vans for about 4 miles! It was only when we got to Tarbert and the road widened appreciably could anyone get past them. :angry::angry::angry:



I just drive intimidatingly close to them. 


On the other hand:



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11 hours ago, whiskychaser said:


Retro cool, if I had that I will fit the twin headlights


11 hours ago, whiskychaser said:

P100 is the model number I was trying to remember :)


Correct same number even for the Sierra ;)

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