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Hello new one to the forum

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Well I best I better say hello as I already posted up what sort of job is it to do the air compressor on my E61 530d m sport. 


Had the car for just over two years do enjoy it but must say has tested me a couple times to say sod this time to move you on.  


Have used TWG in Camberley and will been great or sorted out a oil leak that I had..  But compressor am going to do my self as it's getting weak and timing out.  Should have compressor mid week and new air filter and hose.  


Couple photos and am sure there be other questions or helps lol. 






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Hi Jay, I am also a newbie (post headed 1st 5 series, 3rd BMW if you want to check mine out) I do lovw the estate, it has much better lines and the stance is amazing.  How is the ride on 18's? 


Ive had mine roughly 6 weeks now and already racking up just over £400 in repair bills haha

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Hi Palantir


This is my first BMW I have to say have had some interesting cars from lotus to 300zx twin turbo audi S2 etr.  


Did have a Mazda5 before this I know shocking but with 2 kids it did its job well.  Then there was right kids getting bigger what a interesting car and this fitted the bill.  Would I of buyed one if I know what I know now..  I think yes it a manual 530d M sport the 18s with run flat tyres it can be a hursh on the ride but kind of like that makes me feel young lol.. 


Think the power is just right not slow but not super quick still holds it own on the road and does handle well for a big car.  


What work did you have to do..? 

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Defintly some interesting cars! Much more exotic than my history haha 


I see what you mean about the power, I had the twin turbo diesel in my X3 but it was too much in a car that high up, was like a fishing trailing in the corners and felt harsh over bumps plus the interior was from a late model E39 so it was old tech.  Come to think of it, why did I buy it in the first place.. lol


Surprising you say 18s are harsh.. my 19's seem to make alot of road noise but for the style I think the compromise on comfort is a goos trade off.


I see you mentioned air con problems, which why I messaged I replied as I am having the same.  Have you had yours diagnosed? I literally just off the phone to a local specialist and hes doing a FREE test on it because he is 100% certain its the condenser.. 


I had the DPF light come on.. oh dear I thought.  Specialist diagnosed bad glow plugs and relay.  I looked on the forum and decided to change main and egr thermostat, flushed coolant, done the glow plug relay. Bought the Carlyapp on my tablet, cleared the codes and boom was regening as soon as I left the car park and light hasnt been back on since.  Can report an increase in power and mpg along with a quieter engine..



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