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BMW Style 37s - 18x8 ET13 / 18x9.5 ET24 - Platinum silver

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Before I dive in and get these Style 37s refurbished to my colour choice, I wanted to see if anyone is interested in them, as they are, with the tyres etc. I’m tempted with a few sets of aftermarket alloys etc…

*** FYI I'll be doing this very soon, as I around a weeks time, so act fast ***

FYI; not interested in a swap of any kind, unless you've got immaculate genuine BBS CH-Rs in 19" flavour in gunmetal or satin black ;) 


These are E31/38 Style 37s, genuine BMW wheels, 18x8 ET13 up front, 18x9.5 ET24 on the rears with PS4 tyres all round (2016 & 2017 dates) with at least 5.5mm tread all round, no punctures. One rear tyre has a sliver of rubber missing where it’s obviously been caught, but causes no issues and wasn’t even mentioned in the MOT. OS rear alloy had had a small crack welded, you can see the weld but only if it’s looked for, it’s small. It’s been sorted professionally & causes zero issues.


Tyre sizes are 245/40 & 275/35 and all XL tyres.


One rear wheel, unfortunately, clipped the apex of a corner curb last week… It’s scuffed around 8” of the rim, right next to the tyre. It’d be an easy refurb for someone who likes the Platinum Silver these are in as they are, so this reflects in the price.


The alloys have been professionally bored out to fit an E39; so, no spacers required


Pictures showing their stance on my touring and side on etc... I haven't photo'd the damaged yet, it's really not that bad, but the car is filthy as it's done nothing but rain here!


COLLECTION ONLY as it stands


£675 all in, no offers











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1 hour ago, dtg50 said:

What size tyres are on them?


245/40/18s up front, 275/35/18s on the rears

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