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Newbie F11 owner

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Thought I'd sign up and say hi.


Just acquired a nice low mileage 2011 525d M-Sport Touring, gotta love the 6-pot engines. First of my 5's, variously owned over the years an E46 M3 and 330d, and an E36 323i. I hopped over to Audi a couple of times but seem to keep coming back :)


Got a few questions but will search around before the rambling commences, meanwhile here's a couple of pics to keep everybody happy...



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Welcome - it's a rare engine the 6 pot 525d as was out for less than two years before being replaced with a twin turbo 4 pot

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Yep, the missus was downsizing her car and I needed to replace my Audi A4 2.0tdi quattro with an estate. Being logical and looking for something economical and spacious I had a look at a few 520d Touring's but couldn't find the right one. All had higher mileage than I wanted (65-85k) and then I found this one at Bavarian BMW in Belfast. Nicely spec'd and only 43k on it. Been a dealer car all it's life and service book stamped up every year for either services or brake fluid changes. 


I know it won't get the economy of the 4-pot but once I'd driven it I wasn't so keen on the 520d any more :D It's proving at least equal and maybe a bit better than the Audi for economy (which was a pretty useless 36mpg from a 2.0 oil burner, no better than 43 on a long run) but so much more refined and relaxed to drive. Not to mention if I do get bored, a little bit of tuning goes a long way on this engine.


So far I've stuck on the latest map update (2019-2) and given it a good clean. That's it.


One thing that is a little strange is even after updating the maps, they seem to be missing weird things. Like my work postcode - BT3 9ED - can't enter it, despite the building being here for 10 years. I can enter BT3 9EA, BT3 9EC, etc... but 9ED isn't there as an option. I also noticed a mini roundabout totally missing despite it having been there for years also. I do wonder if the maps have correctly updated and I haven't bought a duff set, but the version is correct.


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