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Just got a 2016 F10 535d

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Finally bought an F10, still have my old E39 530d (not sure whether to keep it or sell it). New car is amazing to drive.

Anyone know what the options are Vin is G685993 and do you have a 2016 price list?


2016 F10 535.jpg

2016 F10 535 2.jpg

2016 F10 535 3.jpg

2016 F10 535 4.jpg

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Hi I'm new here too but fortunately nothings wrong with the car yet and I have had a good read through all the 'F' threads and i'm just biding my time for when I need to ask a lot of questions. Nice car by the way.

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On 26/06/2019 at 08:11, 535i Andrew said:

From your vin, amongst lots of toys its got head up display and a swivelling towbar.


Full list see below




It is very well specced.




Andrew, thanks for VIn decoder, that gives an easy to read list. Yes I am finding I like the Head up Display, while the tow bar was an unexpected extra since it is retractable so I didn't see it at first. is it possible to find out what the list price was when new?


Now off to read the forums for how to update the SatNav which I found is the original 2016-1 version.

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