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Ravi Rajput

My 540i/6 Oxfordgrun

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Hi guys, I've been on here a while but I've never really introduced myself or the car. I'm sure ive met a few of you possibly at shows or had dealing with you outside of this forum. Anyway previously I had a 525i sport manual in Cosmos Black, unfortunately that didnt last long as it was rear ended by a young driver. Whilst still sat in that car waiting to be recovered i started looking for E34 M5s and 540i/6's. 

A couple months passed and I found a reasonably low mileage genuine 540i/6. It had a few choice modifications to it, wasnt too far from me but it did need a little work, so obviously i jumped at the opportunity (24/10/2016) Obviously since buying it ive done a few bits but heres the full mod list to date


So heres a list of the modifications i can think of:

  • M5 LSD
  • Air con removed
  • Powerflex black subframe bushes 
  • 545i Shorter shift
  • BC racing coilovers 
  • BBS RF wheels 17x9.5/10.5 and gold plated hardware with nankang NS2R semi slicks 
  • Renown 130R steering wheel with NRG slim quick release
  • Recaro SR/Speeds out of an Evo 3 currently dyed black 
  • Full sport kit
  • backbox delete with shotgun pipes 
  • Black forest industries weighted gear knob 
  • M5 style gear shift surround
  • Stirling Moss inspired graphics 


Got some other plans for it but its a slow project that i want to take my time and enjoy. No intentions of selling it at any point soon 


heres some snaps of it at the mo






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9 hours ago, cableguy said:

Looks great. Any interior shots...?





The speeds will eventually get trimmed in pergament leather as well just dyed them black for now as they were red before 







Heres a couple older pics of it, bought it with an SE front bumper, dont know what happened to the original hence why i put the sport kit on. Usual wheels are the ACSs







And just to show off my old 525i Sport manual...RIP :cry:



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1 hour ago, cableguy said:

Nice... Seats look great. ;)


You not fancy going the whole hog with charcoal/black interior...?



Yeah i have thought about it, i think i just like that the rattles are minimal right now. i feel like it would rattle like mad if i started swapping out the dash and stuff haha. tbh the parchment is nice when its clean and it makes the car feel a little bigger inside 


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2 hours ago, The Flying Banana said:

i love those ACS wheels . .wanted a set of reps for mine but even they are hard to get 

Pretty sure these are genuine staggered set. They are pretty tatty, been meaning to get the refurbed but id be open to swaps on them. Not sure how much they are worth 17” versions 5FC9C7D2-81DD-4352-BBA1-14A07C561554.thumb.jpeg.365f62548d7d705fadcb0894677ac0f7.jpeg

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