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E39 - Broken ash tray cover (I am an idiot)

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Evening gents, facelift E39 touring here... I foolishly tried to store my 3x USB port cigarette lighter charger in the ash tray compartment, and in forcing the lid down it came off... it looks like the plastic locating lugs have snapped off (see below). Bo*****s.


Had a look on realOEM, and it seems that the cover itself cannot be ordered separately. Neither can I find any replacements in the right try (steel grey) on eBay.


Should I try prying out the stuck plastic lugs with long nose pliers, and then supergluing the lid down? I figure it should work (in theory) if I could also slide the cover back onto the 3 black plastic tabs to locate it into place.


I'm traumatised, because my interior is so lovely :( Thanks in advance.



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Like you said; if it sits flush now; I'd just glue the lid back down


Something like Araldite would be better than superglue IMO; or another contact adhesive glue. Just use sparingly so if you need to sort it again, you can get it undo easy'ish

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Thanks Dan. I couldn't quite get it flush in the picture above, but I suspect more time and patience will help - and I'll use Araldite as suggested.


Any pictures of your ride in your signature? B)

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