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In need of an original map file

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Hi, I’m not sure if this is the right place to be posting but I’m in need of the original map file for my BMW E60 520D 163BHP

Long story short but a few years ago I had it remapped by what looks like now a backstreet garage. The cars never seemed to have run properly since. It has loads of lag in 1st gear and to be fair it’s quite embarrassing. My girlfriend drives it most of the time so I never really bothered getting it sorted. Anyways now I’m wanting to tow a caravan with it and there no way it’s gunna be able to do it with the map that’s on it. I sent the map off to a more reputable company to have a look over on the map and see if it was causing the problem and he pretty much said the map was crap and it was most likely causing all the issues and to put my standard map back on. I’ve since got back in touch with the original bloke who put his shitty map on and now he’s saying he doesn’t have it. 


So I need someone’s standard map file on there same spec car. I would be grateful if anyone could help

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As Clavurion says, what you can do is get a BMW dealer to do a full software update on the car. It used to cost around £120 but that was a few years ago. That will wipe out the map and bring the entire car up to the latest version of everything.

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