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wiper intermittant problem

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ive a year 2000 e39 touring, its got the magic wipers on it, but its never been right. Even after the car had a new screen in it. Then about a month ago, if i flick to intermittent, i get 1 wipe on any of the settings, maybe 2 then it does nothing. Its really anoying. Is there a way to convert it to just timing or is there a module broken?


Ive had a bit of a search on the net and cant find much. thanks

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I’m not 100% sure but I think if you disconnect the rain sensor by unclipping the mirror base to gain access to it first, then you may be able to use intermittent wipers, possibly with variable speed. 

Then again you may find it’s not properly connected in the first place

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By "magic wipers" I assume you mean the rain sense, automatic style?


Anyway, the wipers can be converted to timed intermittent, i.e. disable the rain sense, by changing coding in the General Module. You'll need NCS Expert to do this. I can provide details of the coding changes required if you wish to do that.


Problematic rain sense is reasonably common after installing a new windshield. The cause is a problem with the prism, which is the plastic panel stuck to the glass; the part that the RLS module is attached to. Your current prism could be replaced and probably get the rain sense working properly. I've been there, done that.


It's also possible that the RLS module is defective. A fault scan with INPA, DIS or ISTA would determine this. If needed, you could buy a replacement RLS from the dealer or used one from ebay, auto recycler, etc. The replacement RLS would then have to be coded to the car. (The same RLS module is used on many different BMW models and they vary in the manner in which the wiper park position is signaled. Coding sets the RLS module to know which variant is present)


Ally in his/her post above is correct; with a new windshield, new prism or new/used RLS module one must re-initialize the rain sense system. INPA, DIS or ISTA will do this.




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