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F11 comfort seats - passenger seat position memory not stored in the key

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I have the comfort seats in my 2014 F11 520d, and had such in my 2006 E60 523i.
I'm 100% sure, as is my wife, that memory in the car key for both seats (driver and passenger) in both cars (F11 and E60 was storing also the passenger seat position. I.e. when I was opening the cars with my key the passenger seat would move to my wife's preferred position, and when my wife was opening the cars with her key the passenger seat would move to my preferred position.
I noticed a couple of months ago, that on the F11 the passenger seat is no longer moving in such way. I sold the E60 around that time (and I replaced it with 1984 E23 732i), therefore I cannot check if passenger seat in E60 moved that way indeed (although as I said I'm 100% sure it did on both cars).

The dealers in Dublin told me it's only the driver seat's position which is programmed in the key (not the passengers). Of course, I can use the buttons on the door, which do work, but the whole point was that I vividly remember the passenger seat moving too when I or my wife pressed the unlock button on our car keys. I was reading a US manual - it mentions vaguely that memory in the key is for driver's seat, steering wheel and mirrors, which seems to indicate that it's not for passenger seat.

I spent a long time playing with profiles in iDrive, but it didn't help.

Do you (or anybody else reading this forum) know the answer? And can confirm/disprove that the passenger seats position is also stored in the car key memory so that then the car is unlocked the passenger seat travels to a pre-set position?


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Is it not for the drivers seat only? ie, depending upon which key is in the car, the drivers seat moves to the correct setting for that driver. Not sure if it then alters the passenger seat, not sure what would be the benefit of that? Might be wrong of course!!!!

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^^^ What he said. 

The key holds the set-up for the driver. Why would it expect a particular driver to always carry the same passenger?

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thanks for contribution.


I think it is quite useful to have passenger seat stored in each key. I often drive with my wife - sometimes she drives, and sometimes I drive.


I browsed the manual (in the car and paper one) again.

- on page 35: (this is for personal profiles stored in the key fob) 'Personal Profile settings: The following functions and settings can be saved in a profile. .... - Seat position: called up automatically after unlocking.'

- on page 59: (this is for the memory buttons on the doorcards) 'Seat, mirror and steering wheel position memory/General/Front - You can save and recall two different positions for the driver's seat, exterior mirrors and steering wheel for each remote control'


Page 59 is clear that the memory button is for driver's seat - but that's not the profiles, it's the memory button in the door, which works fine in my car, what is not working is the profile (in fact it is definitely not accurate, because there is also memory button on the passenger side, and it stores passenger's seat position).

Page 35 - it doesn't specify if it's driver's seat only (in fact it is reasonable to assume if they say 'seat position is recalled' they mean both front seats). I spoke with my wife again, and she is adamant that when she was opening the car with her key both front seats adjusted to the pre-set positions stored in the profiles, which is consistent with my recollections.


Anyway, I'm going to pursue it with the dealer (slime chance though), as comfort seats are very rare on 5 series in Ireland and the staff have no first hand experience (the stock response is 'I think it's for driver's seat only'; yea, right, and I remember it worked for both seats).


I also asked BMW Germany for a definitive answer (not hearsay), asking them not to refer me to local BMW dealer, who, as I mentioned, don't know.


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Useful, found it now too, and it's even written in my paper manual (haven't seen that before, as seat memory seems to be in three different places in the manual).

However, in the 'profiles' section (same menu you showed but scrolling up to the beginning), it says that fob memory recalls 'seat position'. Which slightly conflicts with the above - they didn't specifically say 'driver's seat position). They were either vague, or one is imprecise, if not incorrect.


Go figure.


thanks anyway.

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