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525i SE Saloon lowering springs

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A mate in work has just bought a very nice 2003 525i SE saloon. He likes the stance of the Sport but certainly does not want to ruin the comfort of the SE. So, looking for recommendations for SE spec springs but slightly shorter ?

Coilovers are not an option as it seems even the softest ones are harder than stock SE spec.


Any suggestions chaps ?



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You'll not get lowering springs that are as soft as the SE springs; shorter springs will always give you that bit of a firmer ride


You could look at getting OEM Mtec springs from BMW and that'll lower his SE to Sport ride height, but then there's the question of how good the current shocks are and do they need refreshing also?


Coilovers could be an option; the likes of BC and D2 coilovers have very good ride height and damping rate adjustments and yes, they will be firmer, but not stupidly so, if fitted and set up correctly


If he likes the wafty and comfortable ride of the SE; I'd say leave it alone, as you'll not replicate it by going aftermarket (unless you went custom, but therein lies the issue of spending as much/more than the cars worth)!

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