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FS:BMW 530i Sport E39 / Paras/ Bumpers etc £600

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I think its either Glacier Green or Slate Green but can get code if anyone wants it  , Sand beige leather interior. Black headlining , aluminium trim


I bought this on impulse last week as I  thought I could use the engine for either my E34 or my E36 compact, on fact finding it looks more hassle than its worth with this type of engine so then I considered putting it back on road .


I don’t really have time for if I was honest as away with work and I care for elderly parents which takes up a huge amount of time and I have another 530d touring that should be back on road and various other cars so last thing I need is this to do


Needs a gearbox. A while back on a trip home the previous owner had the oil cooler burst on the motorway and first he knew was when it came up with Trans Failure on dash .. towed to local garage .. stayed there since .


It’s a genuine sport , bumpers intact , 18” staggered paras , celis lights etc usual stuff.


I put a battery in it and its started 1st time after been standing for a long time J Two keys , it locked/ unlocked as it should .


First aid kit is there , extinguisher is there , interior is clean , has a period Motorola flip phone in it , parrot fitted


I need £600 back for it , wheels , bumpers , lights,  etc probably all worth that on their own, I am not into breaking it as I think neighbours would have a fit , it’s a tow away job, could be done on a solid bar  as gear box is toast anyway


Any questions etc just ask





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Hi I am interested. This looks like just what I am after. Thinking of doing an engine swop and some other things  my touring.

What is the year of manufacture, the mileage and how did the engine run? Any ideas about how long it was stood for? 


Lastly Where are you based? 



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The car ran great I am told.. I think it has sat in a mixture of a workshop and outside on and off for about 2 years but I can get that confirmed


I put a battery on it on Saturday there and it started literally as the starter engaged .. no knocks or misfires etc .. the torque converter has a whine but the gearbox is totally gone .. no drive in any gear at all .


I will get the registration number for you ( it still has the personal plates on it ) so you can see MOT history etc . I think its about 135000 miles


Its in Fife ( about 15 mins form Edin ) which is usually the killer as I se eyou are in London .. always the way .. buyers always seem to be miles away :( 

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Scott, send me over the chassis nos, postcode and a couple of pic's of the interior when you have time. Feel free to what's app them over, I have the correct gearbox on the shelf here for that

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Mileage is 125082 currently .. its done 238 miles since it was MOT .. MOT ran out on 7th September 2017. When it was MOTd last it passed with the advisories were :

Mileage 124,844

Advisory notice item(s)

  • Front Inner brake disc worn, pitted or scored, but not seriously weakened both (3.5.1i)
  • Oil leak @ engine area (various)
  • under trays fitted obscuring some components
  • Nearside Rear Tyre worn close to the legal limit (4.1.E.1)
  • Offside Rear Tyre worn close to the legal limit (4.1.E.1)

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