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3.6 M5 Oil Pressure Light & No Start

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Last week I got my car back from the garage after having its starter motor replaced due to it not starting when hot, everything was ok for a few days until one time it failed to start when cold. The battery was fully charged and there was no crank, no starter click. It failed to jump off a spare battery so I had to bump start it in the end, once started it came up with 'oil level sensor' on the dash but was driving fine. Tried to start it again the following morning and in addition to the oil level, it also flashed up 'oil pressure sensor' too. Now I very much doubt if both of these have suddenly failed overnight, and that it would cause a no start. After some research I concluded that it must be a bad earth somewhere, and after struggling to find any info on the earth strap locations I'm fairly certain I found the main engine earth strap but it seems to be ok, both sides are firmly secured and there appears to be no corrosion or any damage to it (although it is not a bare woven cable but has brown insulation on it.) I've attached pics of what I found, could someone confirm that this is the correct part, and any suggestions on what could be causing this no start?



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