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X6M (E71) : Power loss

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Hi everybody, 

For 3 years now, my X6M 2011 (555hp), have many motors defaults, more precisely “power loss” which are very common. 

I live in France, in Le Mans, and I’m French. 

So, I went to BMW of Le Mans for many times. They changed many mechanical parts without find the breakdowns. 

Each time I went to recover my vehicle, the problem was the same, nothing did not change. I brought it back and they handed over the parts that had been changed to make some tests. It was the deal between them and myself, I would not pay if the breakdowns were not fixed. 

Seeing the results were the same since many months, I got muddled up with the concessionary because of the results. 

Normally, X6M did a beautiful noise at the start-up. Since the beginning of the problem, the noise was less importantly and hesitant. Then, this one started up with 2 cylinders. Sometimes 4 and was obligatory in motor default. To hope change this, I must switch off it, wait, and switch on it. There were sometimes 2 more cylinders. Rarely, it stat-up normally, then was faulting engine or not, there are no rules. The 4 exhausts pipes spat black and thick gasoline’s smoke. That projected a lot of droplets on the back bumper, the hatch, the exhausts pipes, and all the environment in direct contact with the back of the vehicle.  

The cabin of the X6 stank badly burned gasoline. 

You must know that sometimes, le power loss was so important that the vehicle can’t reach more than 10km/h (6miles per hour) for many kilometers before the X6 before he gets up to speed slowly. 

Something very paradoxical, when I supported on the accelerator pedal, the four wheels slow down, I had the impression that there had too much gasoline in the engine and that he was drowning, as he was in under. 

It was important not to press the accelerator. To gain speed you had to let the pedal accelerator on the top, you should put a very small pressure. 

Per moments, we had the impression that it works normally, but it doesn’t have the power of 555 horses' power, like it has only 400 horse power (M mode was switch on). 

I could drive normally but at the first acceleration, “power loss” appears on the dashboard. 

When the X6 was cold, it can start up normally, on the contrary, when it was hot, there were more chance that it has the same problem. 

When it was hot, that we stop, and that we were leaving, the problem could fade, it happened, but it wasn’t every time. 

Basically, its start-up normally once in five. 

Arrive early September of 2018 at BMW of Angers, they put two months to give me a diagnostic from the breakdown of injector. 

On the 19 of November of 2018, I received the estimate by email. They indicate: "the/the" injectors are the cause of your unpleasantness. For the car dealership BMW, there is that only one injector defective, but they need to change all the injectors because BMW changed the reference of the injectors.  In consequence, I'm in the obligation to change the eight injectors. 

Free air hoses must be replaced; they have been baked because of the temperature. They also bill me the high-pressure feed pump. They ask BMW France to participate for the works on the X6, they won't because the 4x4 is too old (7 and half years). I will not benefit from the financial help. 

For the information, I know many bosses of car dealership, from different brands to BMW. I show them the estimate; everyone did their investigation on their side. First, the results were the same, the breakdown of injector is very rare. Secondly, Bosch is the manufacturer of BMW, and the prices is nearly from 150€ (130GPB/168USD). The bosses of concessions I know told me that the manufacturer scale time practiced by the BMW dealer in Angers is higher than the other BMW car dealership. 

For those who don't know, each automobile builder gives times and scales for each intervention on each vehicle of her brand. So, the car dealership of Angers exceeds the builder’s scales. 

Today, our problem is that BMW, had some problems with injectors of their vehicles. They replaced the reference, and now, it's ours, customer of BMW, to pay their mistakes of developpement from a few years ago. 

We suffer the breakdown and the consequence, which is the immobilization very recurrent of the vehicle, and now, they ask me to pay not only to change only one injector but eight!!! 

Today, my estimate is 7848€. I must pay the search of the breakdown, the free air hoses, without forget the ventilation ducts. Despite a very detailed list of each mechanical piece to change. They success to find 180€ of mechanical various piece to change, I think it's nuts and bolts. 60€ of gasoline, 20€ of gasoline’s additives of BMW, what’s that? 

127€ of supervision. 65 € road tests, and still different lines with different parts. Here is the total sum of € 7,848. While I bought this vehicle of more than 140 000 € all optioned with discount. 

I was so proud to be one of the first holder of a X6M, may I have had to wait for BMW to get a grip on a very high-end and sporty vehicle? 

What makes me crazy is that we, BMW customers who pay their technical development. 

It's been 17 years (with 3 high-end vehicles) that I drive in BMW, and even explaining this after a request at the BMW France service level, they do not see the problem. 

 The only thing they have to offer is that if I buy a BMW, they would see to give me a correct discount and blah and blah and blah .... 

If someone had the same problems as me, with the same vehicle as me, thank you to contact me and tell me your experience, because I intend to go out of the way, and attack the German manufacturer. 

Thank you for reading. 

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Welcome to the forums :)


This is a 5 series forum, with owners that have other marks from BMW also... You may not get the info/answers you're after, but wanted to say hello anyhow 

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