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Ant's 98 535i Project

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So worked on the boot today, really happy with the 50/50's. Got the majority of the swil Mark's put and brought back a beautiful gloss!

Annoying post out to the ran but used it as an excuse to get the hose out and meguires nanolex the whole car ready for tomorrow at Forge Motorsport's brunch.

Really happy with the beading after nanolex and the swissvax crystal rock wax.

Il get some pictures tomorrow but the plan is just to keep detailing the car while at the show.

Alloys returned next week then a full detail on the 1st with a ceramic coating. Boom!c59f6667f3e2965cdfb1e1375a369f23.jpg865f0e83452aaf3d9688b0daea36a4d9.jpg3d2f5e54fc8a2419c88c1c09fd26a023.jpg4128027e556c5f2c26900f0c1b456f1b.jpg

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So first day out out in the E39. Lovely weather and thought I'd show my face at the Forge motorsport's annual brunch club.

Fair few BMW's there but it's amazing how much rust was around!

Really proud of how mine looked. I did leave early but overheard some cracking comments from on lookers that these are getting rare.

Can't wait to get the wheels and grills done next week!

However, I do have a coolant leak. Cant quite see where from from but I have filled it up twice in three days.

Looking to do a fool coolant system overhaul, how much would I be looking at? Anything else needed?

-water pump,
-top/bottom hoses,
-full flush etc


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