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New F11 520d se

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Hi there...just purchased the above car ..very happy with it so far. Came from an Audi A6 Avant from 2009 with 250k on the clock....what a difference!
Looking forward to reading and writing on here...I'm sure I'll have lots of questions...just purchased full Bimmercode app and Veepeak
All the best
Neil Adapter.3734e206705784f34711e2455f18af91.jpg&key=c02a817b47081615a2dad0e23666e095e19730a45ba9b6670d6e16837e7a4bfd754217c97ee0e44aefe7f01b09ceffe3.jpg&key=1df64cf2cafb3fd8aceda3bf5d9f24354ce08e1a42560476b348d1a6be4b9454
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