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BMW f30 choice of engine when buying???

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Hi to all of you. I am after some advice here. My sister is looking for a car and so happens it has to be BMW and and one she wants the most is F30  series unless a really nice F10 comes up for sale. 

Question is what engine should we go for? She does not mind either diesel or petrol. We thinking that 2.0 litre engine is plenty,but might consider 3.0 ltr if something nice pops up.

As i understand year of production might mean that two exactly same engine might have better or revised parts and thats what i would like to find out.

She likes car to have some power when needed and we were thinking of 328i? A lot of people say that 320i and 328i only different in software, but i dont think its only that,might be wrong though.

What year should we look for and what problems those engine have and what should we look for when inspecting and test driving a car?

She only wants automatic and it fair enough as i would only buy auto myself,considering zf8hp is great transmission. 

Do this bmm's suffer with electric issues?

Any advice and info would be great to hear.


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