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Anyone else got a 528i F11?

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9 hours ago, AnotherMissedApex said:

Hi all. I'm a newbie, having just got a 2011 528i F11 manual last month. Has anyone else got one of these?


To cut a long story sh..... Our S-max 2.5T started stuttering randomly with no error messages coming up. Rather than throwing good money after bad I had a a quick trawl for my dream car (F11 3.0 N53 manual) and bingo! I've only ever seen one other for sale around 2 years ago but the car seats for the 3 kids at that time wouldn't have fitted it. Believe it or not we were just about to drive to Kent that weekend to buy a Peugeot 308 SW instead.We wanted a non-MPV with 3 individual rear seats and that the newest one! Some versions also have a 3rd row of seat - handy for trips with the mother-in-law! But the 528i materialised.


Compensation for having our first kiddy was an e90 330i manual (le mans blue) which we intended to keep for ever. I thought of it as the ultimate non-M3 sports saloon. 5 year later we had twins so the 330i had to go and enter the fastest manual MPV - the Smax with the engine from the old Focus ST. In fact we couldn't bear to part with the 330i so much that we kept it a year after the twins were born! Rotating 4 cars on the driveway eventually got a bit tiresome and we sold it to a really nice guy with mechanical sympathy - phew! Kiddy 1 still goes on about having to sell the 330i - she keeps muttering about wishing one of the twins boys had never been borne LOL.


It'd be good to hear if anyone else has an F11 528i.  Have had the 'drivetrain failure' messages within a week! Am looking for six used index 11 fuel injectors to pop in to hopefully sort it out. If anyone's got any spare (already scanned ebay) let me know ;^). Boy I miss the N52 in the 330i.







‘Welcome to the forums :)


I’ve moved your question to the F series section, added it into your other post rather than the link 

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