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Andy's E39 M5

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Thought I would start a project thread on my recently acquired 2002 M5


After hankering after an M5 for many years I decided to take the plunge after seeing this one on eBay and not purchasing it at the time due to fear I was about to throw my money in the bin!


I spent two weeks after the eBay ad had ended wondering why it hadn't sold and why I let my favourite colour combination on these pass me by knowing I can't afford the top end of the market. The search for the owner was on as I had to find out more. 


Lots of background searching and discussions with the two previous owners, and people who knew the owners, and I parted with my hard earned and took the plunge. 


The car is by no means perfect but overall I'm very happy with my purchase at the price I paid. 


Mileage is high ish at 189k but it runs lovely and drives really well. Nice and tight and certainly not tired feeling. 


Initial niggles are only one key. On which the battery is dead on the remote. 

New keys being sorted in the next couple of weeks. 


Slight oil leak from the gearbox which will need addressing at some point. 


Rust is forming on the rear arches and the jacking points so this will be the first major job to tackle once I've shifted some other cars for funds. 


Sadly one of my lovely caramel seats has a tear in it which I will get fixed next week for just 85 quid. They will repair it to a very small scar which will do for now. 


Some pics and progress once I get a chance to spend some time on it. 


I need to raise it a little to get it into my unit as there is a speed bump it has very little chance of making it over at present. 

Surprisingly it rides superbly well for the height. Better than my 530d


Anyhow. Pics 






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This was on ebay a couple of months before mine and was probably one of the main influences for me actually buying one.

It looks mega, great combo. Look forward to seeing where this goes. 

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Great colour combo,looks fantastic,hope its all you want it to be.

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Not much to update with unfortunately. 

List of things to do is growing. 

Battery drain or suspect battery issue to address asap. 

The battery itself isn't very old and came from BMW. Unfortunately the warranty doesn't transfer from previous owner as far as I am aware. 


Diff leak and engine oil leak from somewhere at the gearbox side of the engine to find and resolve. 

Gear shift bushes need refreshing and it still needs a deep clean and polish. 

Also want to tweak the ride height and get a full geometry set up done as it feels a little twitchy in the twisty bits. 

But I am loving it even though I know it's going to eat money 



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Not much of an update from me. 

It's had a once over from an indy to diagnose a couple of things. 

Rocker cover oil leak

All three diff seals leaking. Quote was £900

They aren't too bad. Yet. So it can wait  

Rockers I'm sure I can tackle. Diff not so keen. 

Either way. I'm still smitten


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