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Whining noise when at speed 80 / 90 km/h

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So for over 3 months this S* started. While driving at mid-high speed 80 / 90 km/h from passenger - engine side some sort of whining noise started. Cannot really diagnose from where it is really coming. Changed AC Belt, but haven't touched any pulleys. But it's really weird as it only happens when there is big wind and driving at 70 / 80km/h or higher speed. Attached video of that whining noise too. Hopefully someone knows about this BS, Can someoene tell me what could it be ?. Thanks in advance !



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Hi n welcome B).


I could only hear a high pitched whistle on my crappy laptop.


Common suspects are:

Sunroof seal

Winscreen seal

Wiper blades

Wing mirror

Roof bars/rack


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I reckon we've all seen cars on motorways with a plastic undertray low to the ground. Many of these only happen as the car speeds up and the windflow catches them. Once slowed down or stopped, the tray returns to it's normal position.  


Just another possibility.



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