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New E60 owner

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Hi all, 


As per the title, I've just got myself a 2007 LCI E60 525d.  Love it so far.  It's not my first BMW as I had an earlier (pre LCI) E60 530d a few years ago.


I've just started browsing the forum again, and looking for some subtle styling inspiration.  Can anyone advise the best place (dealer aside) to buy the main dash brushed aluminium  trim piece?  The one in my car has a stupid phone kit piece which was botched on to it by a previous owner and damaged.  Also looking for some black kidney grills.  I've seen loads on ebay, but can anyone recommend a good quality set that fit well and where to buy from?



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Welcome back @Ste333


Pop your question into the E60 tech section and maybe the wanted section; further down the homepage, and you'll get better answers :) 


Re grilles, IMO the best made come from Schmiedmann; look on their website and see what they offer


Maybe check out SSDD Motorsport too and MStyle

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