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Front Bumper PDC Replacement

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First off I apologise for raising a new topic,  as I'm thinking this may have been covered before. It seems I've got a bad PDC sensor on the front of of my F11 - (M Sport bumper) does anyone have a guide on how to replace it with step by step instructions? 

I've searched the usual places and here but can't find anything. Many thanks.


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If its one of the middle two sensors see this link.




Remove the relevant side of the front grill.


If its one of the two outer sensors, see this link




Bumper off first and a few other bits to come away, but there is a link for that included in the above link.


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Thanks Andrew - that's perfect. Very fortunate for me it's one of the middle two - so no need to remove the bumper. I should be able to get this sorted myself, it's removing the kidney grill, un clipping the sensor, pop the new one in. Sounds easy enough - this is just about the type of job I'm willing to take on myself, I hope I don't make a mess of it.



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