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VW Arteon 4Motion + BMW content

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Lovely looking car. I've only seen a few on the road so definite exclusivity! We saw one the other day and my wife said it looked nice and asked what it was ... and she is 100% not into cars!


I enjoyed the review. Having a Golf R estate now, it was a very interesting read.


I wonder if it has similar throttle mapping to mine? A sort of dead zone where a smooth getaway is very easy but foot needs to go down quite a way to keep up with normal traffic? I put in a DTUK pedal pox and haven't looked back. On it's City setting, all the dead spot is gone so the car feels much nicer. It also kicks down more readily. Downside is it's not quite as easy to get smoothly off the line as the DSG doesn't quite smooth things out like a slushbox.


I turned off the fake noise after a few weeks, once the amusement factor had gone. Now it sounds smooth but not exciting. Then I put my foot down. And am excited!

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