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Coding & Diagnostics - newbie questions

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Hi all

I'm picking up my first ever Bimmer on Wednesday - a 2011 520d Tourer.

I'm a bit of a tinkerer, enjoy a bit of mild tweaking (eg. I'd really like a digital speedo on my dash) and like to run a diagnostic check every now and then.

I'd prefer the app and dongle approach rather than having to hook up a laptop every time. I've read a fair bit about Carly and Bimmercode, but can someone tell me if either of those apps can do diagnostic scans and code resets? And can someone recommend a good value dongle that's completely Bimmercode compatible?

If the apps don't do diagnostics, what's the simplest cable & laptop approach? And can someone recommend a supplier who won't sell me dodgy Chinese stuff?

Thanks in advance guys

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Carly will do diags (and produce printable diagnostic reports), coding, and reset spurious or intermittent faults. It may also reset hard faults but obviously they'll be right back to haunt you. Can't help you with Bimmercode stuff. There are imitation Carly dongles out there but Carly (for obvious reasons) warn that anything other than the official one may brick the module. :o


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