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So bought the new-to-me F07 2014 Orion Silver 5 GT less than a month a go. It came with a bunch of optional extras that made me think its worth the journey from London to Bristol to bring it home at 1am with a 7am start the following day #dedication lol

Some of the extras:
Digital Cockpit
Pro sat nav
Sports seats
HUD with Speed Limit Display

3 days after purchase I realised the previous owner left me 2 years of Connected Drive / Live Traffic subscription.

Shortly after the purchase I did the following:

Assigned my personalised number plate
Coded Extended Bluetooth Con. (£70 via usb)
Rear lights as DRL

Default start in Eco Pro
Mirrors to fold instantly upon locking the car
Remove the reverse camera warning message.
Installed a wifi Dashcam.

I have now fitted roof rails to attach my MTB bikes to it... now the car feels truly "Mine"

Thinking of getting a Sigma 10-20 wide angle lense for my Nikon D90 to take the GT on a photoshoot soon. Will share the photos here once that's done.

Thanks for reading!








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2 minutes ago, rado16v said:

Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to the forum. It seems a nice car.


You have a great talent of taking pics.

How kind of you to say Rado. All pictures were taken with Samsung Note 8. And here is one more.






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