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Hi, I'm on my 2nd 2002 530i M-Sport Touring. Don't ask me about the first, it's too sad a story.

This one is silver (titanium?), black leather, no mods. It's my daily and I use it for transporting my MTB about most weekends, as well as trips around the country (I live in North Yorkshire).

Bloody love it! I sometimes think I should've bought something else, as I had my first for nearly 2 years, but when I give it a decent spruce and have a good drive round the dales (or even a long motorway journey), you can't beat it!

-Pic below is from sellers advert a year ago.

Affectionately named "The Chancellor"IMG-20180327-WA0029.thumb.jpg.3c91c3c658011d4f2edc6103062cc58f.jpg

I've got a few jobs to do. I've already replaced headlamp adjusters (what a bloody faff).

-Anti roll bar D-bushes to replace (next job)

-I need to polish head lamps (I did one, but not the other!).

-Some little scrote nicked my "i" off my boot :-(

-My rear view mirror fell off! (Bought replacement button to do this)

-Replace rear brake pad sensor (broke it when I replaced pads).

-Bought new front shocks and top mounts, as I was advised shocks are a bit leaky and will need replacing at some point.

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Welcome to the forums :)


Nice to see another silver 530i touring; just bought one myself 4 weeks ago ;) 


Feel free to ask away re any tech questions in the relevant E39 tech section and get a project thread going in the projects section. Lots of pictures, it's a necessity ;):lol: 

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