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iOS Update to 12.2 - BT Audio connection dropping out

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My iPhone XS has been perfect since I got my new G31 - audio, calls, etc are all perfect and the control over media etc is great through iDrive

I found its really snappy and quick to load, select options, switch between menus, etc., and also the ability to change tracks and things through the right hand "wheel" on the steering wheel is very convenient

This weekend my phone updated to iOS 12.2 and now its a bunch of crap - it takes 30s to 1min to load each time you click into the next level (ie if you select an artist it takes this long to load the one or two album titles, and then the same again to load the list of tracks). The thumb wheel thing doesn't work - it just shows "loading" and then goes off after the set time (5s?) if you don't make an action. The screen doesn't update (ie shows whatever song info it starts playing when you switch to BT Audio). Also BT randomly disconnects itself every so often - there's no standard time, sometimes its 30sec sometimes its 10mins.


I know there's a lot written about BT issues on BMW's already, but has anyone seen any issues specific to this iOS update and the G30/G31?

Its really annoying because it was working absolutely perfectly before this change..

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