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SI battery help

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I'm trying to wire up external batteries for my service indicator but can't get the wiring right. 


I've got an external battery holder for 2 NiMh 1.2v 1300mAh in series. 


What do i connect where using the coloured dots for reference. I've wired in the red and black wires are the batteries were in terms of polarity.




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The batteries are in series in the earlier cars with the rechargeable batteries. On the board you have identified six coloured points. The batteries have two pins at one end and one at the other. On the Varta 500rst the two pin end is negative and the one pin is positive.

As they are in series the positive will be connected to the negative. By looking at the tracks you should see it on the board and be able to test for continuity with a meter.

The opposite end where there is not continuity is the output of the batteries.

That is where you would solder your positive and negative wires to the external batteries.

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